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27 Day Self-Help "Power Pack"

This packet was created for YOU.

Because the brain is not fully developed until between age 26 - 27, if you are younger than that... the changes can happen faster. The older you get after these ages, the slower the changes will become noticeable.

Why? Your brain creates habits in itself just like the rest of you does.

When you have undergone a lot of "life" - ups, downs, trauma, uncertainty, addictions, anger, depression, anxiety, and so much more, it changes your brain chemistry. Therefore, in order to have the life you seek, implementing changes such as the ones in this packet is very important.

What is the "You. First." Power Packet?

Many individuals such as yourself know they do not wish to undergo years and years of expensive therapy. These same individuals are confident they would follow through on a shorter yet more powerful self-help option. When individuals like you and me perceive or feel pressure, it can cause us to feel intimidated, stressed, overwhelmed, anxious and even defiant. This is why I created the very powerful "You. First." power packet. This powerful packet is a 27-day series of life-changing tools and exercises that help create changes you have wanted for a very long time - even changes that seem next-to-impossible.

Whether struggling with a fear of failure, anxiety, procrastination, anger, depression, low self-esteem, or anything else which may be preventing them from reaching their goals then this packet is likely perfect for them. This packet is very powerful because its purpose is to reprogram your brain's neurological connections. Whichever program option you choose, if you do not put "You. First" - nobody else will either. Unless you consider your needs first, you will not be nearly as valuable to others as you would like to be.

Start today and make the impossible possible!

All of my programs are a combination of my 30+ year forensic psychology, forensics, & spirituality backgrounds.

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