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Handwriting for Healing & Answers Session

Do you have a nagging question that you would like answered or a touch decision to make? Through your brain, your handwriting will give me the answer you need! I will give you the insight & powerful change to make in your handwriting so you can get through the current block or help the situation come more easily - whichever you want. Because this is science, please do not ask a "prediction" question.

After payment is made, simply write a sentence. The words can be about anything as the content does not matter. Use your normal, every day handwriting or printing style on a full sized, unlined sheet of paper, using an ink pen and then SUBMIT for analysis (see below).    

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 Download sample questions 

Submit completed sample to or by picture text to 480-788-6720. Be sure to neatly print your email on the paper.  

THIS IS EMAILED TO YOU within 24 hours!

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