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Transformational Grapho-Therapeutics

This program is an intensive, 6 month journey into your psyche... and many call it a "deep sea dive" into your core. This programs bridges my 30+ year forensic & psychology backgrounds to empower you to make the lifelong, permanent changes you seek.

Your brain creates habits in itself just like the rest of your body does. When you have undergone a lot of "life" - ups, downs, trauma, uncertainty, addictions, anxiety, and so much more, it changes your brain chemistry. Therefore, in order to have the life you seek, implementing changes such as the ones in this program are extremely important.

Many people feel that just a "small tweak" or "slight adjustment" in their personality will work wonders. If that is so, we recommend the 27 day "You. First. Power Packet".

However, many individuals feel that their many years of struggling with a fear of failure (or success), anxiety, procrastination, anger, depression, low self-esteem, toxic relationships, shitty communication styles have been hanging on too long. Others have tried repeatedly or have wasted thousands of dollars to combat grief, shame, anger, resentment, and struggled with forgiving themselves or others far too long.

No matter which represents your current situation, if you feel that these thoughts, feelings, or emotions have prevented you from reaching their goals, sabotaged your happiness, stolen your childhood or teen years, and perhaps has even caused depression or suicidal thoughts, then this intensive yet powerful program is likely perfect for you.

100% of this powerful Transformational Grapho-Therapeutics program combines the evidence-based science of forensics with evidence-based science of psychology so this is a very powerful program that reprograms your brain's neurological connections.

This program includes support videos and unlimited email access to me.

TOTAL COST is $7700 for 6 months. However, we only need $2200 to get you started (this item)! ASK US about the options to pay the $5500 balance.

Start today with the very first step - you are not obligated after this step but, should you decide to sign up for this powerful program, you will soon begin to see that you have the power to make the impossible possible!

With this order, you will also receive:

* FREE audio interview about this program.

* FREE ebook written by former clients

* FREE FAQ's about this program.

NOTE: Children as young as 7 can undergo this 6-month program with structured adult supervision.

As for "27-Day Power Pack" & "3 Monkeys" programs, due to brain development, those are for adults over 27 years old only.

You'll get 1 WAV and 2 PDFs

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