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eBook: Analyzing Art the Write Way

Ever seen a disturbing doodle or random drawing? Now you can take that recognition a step further with international Forensic Handwriting Expert, Mozelle Barr Martin. Inside of this book is a classroom; this is the same class she had taught thousands of law enforcement and mental health practitioners for over 30 years worldwide.

In this book, you will learn:

* How to analyze drawings & doodles using a unique system that she devised * How to tell if the individual is homicidal or suicidal * How to recognize anxiety, fear, and anger when assessing the individual's handwriting & drawings together.

Knowledge is awareness and awareness is life-saving. Knowledge is also worthless unless it is shared.

Now she is sharing her wealth of knowledge with you.

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File also included that is not in paperback version are the colored drawings presented in the paperback in grayscale.

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