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Paperback: Shattered to Shining (Automoir)

This is the brutally honest, extremely unnerving autobiography of International Forensic Handwriting & Forensic Mental Health Trauma Expert Mozelle Beigel Barr Martin. This is exquisitely written so you stay connected with the author from beginning to end - from the torturous bullying to the hired gunman, to a daring animal rescue on federal land and so much more. This is an equally disturbing, powerfully raw yet spiritually riveting and inspirational book that you will not want to put down. You will go through a lot of your own emotions from anger and laughter to sadness and hope. You will have to continually remind yourself that this is a TRUE story. Reading this book can help you change your own life so you can go from "shattered to shining" too. The author does a wonderful job bringing you into the geographical settings through detailed descriptions and dozens of photos throughout.


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