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The 3 Monkeys -- 90-Day Program

Like monkeys on your back, your conscious, subconscious, and superconscious can wreak havoc if they don't work together. Unhealthy or outdated, toxic personality traits can cause many problems so, when you change those disruptive personality traits, you can remove blocks by creating new neurological connections in the brain. This then works cognitively along with your kinesthetic handwriting style to create the lasting change.

This is $199 to begin which provides your full personality profile going back to your age of birth through today. This also includes your custom tailored recommendations report.

You will also received tailored instructions of the three personality traits you would like to remove (one each month).

You will also receive up to three additional email questions each month.

TOTAL for the entire three months and personal communication with the therapist is only $549. You could pay in full and save 15% or use our convenient payment plan of only $175 per month for the following two months.

Creating change requires an "action step" so start today.

NOTE: due to brain development, this service is for adults over 27 years old only.

  • $199.00

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