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RESERVE: Paint with Your Inner Child Workshop - 12/16/17

* MUST ATTEND "Meet Your Inner Child" Workshop first to build trust between you for this class and paint for / with you. *

Only 12 seats available.

Cost? only $27

DATE: Saturday, 12/16/17 @ 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM.

WHERE: Mozelle's Place in the area of 101 & West Union Hills in Peoria.

So, now that you have connected with your Inner Child (via the previous workshop), it is time to let him/her communicate with you creatively without judgement (special techniques used in class). You are building unbreakable trust between the two of you which is extremely important. As with any relationship, trust is a huge part of maintaining those relationships, as much as lack of trust is in destroying relationships.

You will likely be amazed at how many unhealthy and no-longer-serving-you "stuff" is purged and how empowering the shifts you will likely feel can be. Oh, and just wait until you see the "secret symbols" that your inner child shows you directly from your subconscious in this creative class!


Part # 1 is welcoming the Inner Child (the one you spoke with in the previous class) into this class with you. This is very important.

Part #2 allows ONLY your inner child to create thereby removing your conscious judgement, inner critic, or desire to control the outcome.

You do NOT need any creative talent. This is about expression and has NOTHING to do with any type of skill.


(1) Tablet or journal (same one from first workshop)

(2) Pen with green, teal, or purple ink

(3) One large trash bag (the bigger the better)

(4) Anything you need to be comfy for part # 1 and dress comfy too.

(5) Water and light snacks will be provided but you are welcome to bring non-noisy snacks / beverage of your choice.

* Due to some subject matter in part #2, ADULTS ONLY please.

* Must like dogs! (he will be kept out of the way :)

Note: if you prepay and do not show up, your $27 will become a "love donation" placed into the Journey Fund. No exceptions. Thank you.

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